LocalSexFriends.com Review

LocalSexFriends.com is an adult sex community that claims to be an exciting adult dating site where you can connect with local singles for no strings attached sex. The site is well put together with a modern look and a lot of information on the main page. I found out this later that this fancy layout and all this information is just a smoke screen that they use to make themselves look legit.

My LocalSexFriends.com Review

I checked the site out for myself and confirmed that it certainly is not. The more I investigated the site, the more proof I found that they have no intention of hooking you up with anyone. They present things nicely and provide you with the illusion of being a great dating service. However, it’s all false. Sure they have a lot of features, but what they really are is a trap for gullible singles. They want you to pay for a service that is not going to work. Find out the details of this nonsense.

LocalSexFriends.com – My Lackluster Experience

They make the sign-up process fast and easy so you can get inside as quickly as possible. They don’t want to waste any time taking your money. I continued inside despite the bad feeling that the all too familiar website layout gave me. To join, I entered my username, date of birth, e-mail address, and zip code. I was disgusted with the next step and wondered why anyone would ever go past this point.

The very first page you are directed to is the verification page where you must choose a membership package. You must choose or it will not continue. The next page asks for your credit card info and claims that your charge is zero. This is just a tactic to attempt to trick you into entering your info thinking that you won’t be charged, but the charge comes out automatically.

The monthly charge is $39.99 and this charge will continue to be taken out of your account every month until you cancel. You can save money with a $19.99 a month membership plan, but you get limited messaging. A 45-day full messaging subscription is $49.99.

Here comes the fun stuff….

The hidden charge that they don’t tell you comes out when you try to verify your age. You are automatically signed up for a site named CougarRomance.com that charges you $39.99. You won’t see the charge right away because you are technically signing up for a 2-day free trial.

At the end of that 2 days, you will be charged the full monthly charge without notifying you beforehand. If that’s not enough; you are signed up for a site called DateForMeNow.com, which charges you $39.97.

Wait, I’m not done.

You are also signed up for a site called ConservativeDatersMeet.com, which charges you $39.93. By the time you realize that you made a mistake, you are charged over $150.
That is one expensive mistake.

Most dating sites, even the fake ones, will let you inside to browse before they ask you to enter your financial info, but LocalSexFriends.com wants to get straight to the money. They don’t stop at a hidden monthly charge either. They hit you with hidden charges to three other sites on top of this one. I hope that you would never fall for a site that is this blatant about ripping you off.

I checked it out for you and proved that it’s a fraud, so you don’t have to find out after your bank account has already been cleared out. You should steer clear of this dating site and every other dating site that has the same scamming practices. There are a lot of them out there and this one isn’t even good at hiding it. Sites like this are the worst type of date sites because it costs you a fortune without giving you access to any real women.


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