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I have reviewed a lot of Internet dating sites and I rarely come across a dating site that is so bad that I had fun reviewing it and LocalHookup.com is one of those sites. I say I have fun because I like to uncover the worst frauds in the hopes that people will read my review and save themselves a lot of time and money.

localhookup.com reviewThe Ugly Truth About LocalHookup.com – Read This!

If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and an empty bank account, you should avoid this site at all costs. I could tell by the front page that this was a bogus site and everything I found inside showed me that it was even worse than bogus. They insult your intelligence by telling you that the site is free to join and free to hook up, but they charge you outrageous fees and even hidden charges. On top of that, they create fake profiles and admit to it in their fine print. Check out the details of my review below. Wait until you read how blatant this site is with their fraud.

The first indication that this dating site was a dishonest one came on the first page when I recognized the look and layout of it. I realized that I had seen this exact template and even the same type of logo. This is just one of many fraudulent sites in an entire network of them and they all share the same practices and even the same fake profiles.

To join for free, you must enter your display name, password, e-mail address, sex, and birth date. You click a small box to agree to their terms and you are ready to create your free profile. Be sure not to skip reading that little paragraph because that is the first bit of hard evidence that this is not a real dating site. They use the term Love Stars. Anyone who is familiar with online dating knows about this term. If you are not familiar with it, just click on the term and you will be shown the definition.

Love Stars is a term used to describe fantasy profiles. This is fake profiles created by the site. It is also the name they give to the fake messages that you receive the moment you sign in. When you click on the term, you are taken to the section in their terms and conditions document that explains that they are fictitious model or bots.

They claim that they are there to stimulate dialogue and participation on the site. The only thing that is going to stimulate my participation on a hookup site is real women and a site that uses Love Stars does not have many women that are real.

The next page gave me all the information that I needed to know to determine that this site is a horrible fraud. They maintain that the site is free and claim that they only need your credit card info for age verification. I don’t trust any free site that claims that they need my credit card info. I looked around and saw two clear indications of a fraud. First of all, the address bar shows a website called EatMyBlackSteamBox.com and you will be redirected if you enter your info.

I looked at the fine print on the right and seen that I was about to be signed up for a VIP membership. This VIP membership includes a 2-day free trial of their Gold membership, at the end of which, you will be charged $49.95 a month until you cancel it because it is a recurring charge.

To add to the fraud, they also sign you up for a 2-day trial of mobile access, which renews at $39.51 a month. On top of that, they sign you up for a 3-week trial of a site called VideoErotic.com. At the end of that 3 weeks, you will be charged yet another recurring charge of $28.87. This is over $100 for a site that has nothing but fake profiles. No thanks.


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