LocalMilf.com Dating Site Review

If you know anything about me, then you know I like to hang out with all the local milfs popping bottles in the Miami Beach clubs. Some of these milfs may be what we refer to as bottle rats but they know how to bang like pros. If you’re looking to connect with a local milf in your area and you do a search online, you may find localmilf.com.

Assuming that you’re not familiar with this, LocalMILF.com is a cougar dating site that uses the popular MILF niche to make money. They’ve created a so-called network of horny mature women looking to bang. The question is simple: Do they give you access to sexy local MILFs in return?

I did my due diligence here and joined the site. However, I knew it was not a genuine site the moment I landed on it. Nothing happened during my investigation to prove otherwise. Not only is it a fake dating site, it’s a cheap fake one.

Sites like this are around to snag only the most gullible and horny people. They’re around to attract those who don’t know any better and overlook the many warning signs. This one is especially annoying because it seems lazy and typical of a cheap fraud. Check out my detailed review before joining. You will see that my investigation uncovered more than enough evidence of this scam.

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LocalMilf.com – My Full Review Provided Below

I hold nothing back in this review. Why? Because I’m sick and tired of dating sites trying to scam users like it’s no big deal. I love banging milfs and there isn’t a person in the world that likes banging these horny older women more than myself. Not even Tom like them as much as me. Anyway, before I continue to go on a tangent, I’ll tell you everything I know about this local milf dating site and my experience using it.

Rundown Of My Experience

I was excited at first because, even though it looks generic, it didn’t have the exact same layout as a hundred other fake sites. Some companies will buy multiple domain names and put the same layout and programs on each one, so it’s easy to spot the con. This one looked a bit different, but I didn’t even get off the first page before I found the most compelling evidence that it was a dishonest site. There is a picture of a man and a woman and you must click on which sex you are looking for.

Fantasy Cuties (Same As Love Stars)

If you will look just below that, you will clearly see the words Fantasy Cuties. Anyone with online dating experience knows that you should avoid this term at all costs. No legitimate sites use it and it is one the easiest ways to spot a fraud. I’m not sure why so many fake sites still use it.

If you are not familiar with the definition of Fantasy Cuties, I will tell you. If you want confirmation, all you have to do is click on the term and a paragraph will appear with the explanation. They are member profiles operated by independent contractors hired by the site to provide entertainment pleasure.

They interact with users for broader participation, but that is just a poor excuse for creating a site full of fake profiles. How can you trust a site if you never know what is real? You always have to watch out for dishonest people contacting you, but when the site is the one deceiving you, there is no hope for a genuine experience.

Reverse Image Search Tells It All

If you want further proof that this site is not genuine, find a profile of a gorgeous woman and do a reverse image search. I did this on a few photos and I found them on amateur porn sites. All the profiles I examined were a mixture Fantasy Cuties, models, and profile photos that they had taken off of other dating sites. They tempt you with these hot pictures and computer automated messages and tell you that you must activate a VIP pass to read them.

More About The VIP Pass Costs

This VIP pass will cost you around 30 bucks a month and it’s a charge that comes out of your account automatically every month until you cancel. LocalMILF.com offers a 3-day trial subscription, but they stall for the entire 3 days until you are charged even more than the monthly membership cost. I hope you will heed my warnings and see that this site is not what it says it is and it wouldn’t be worth the money, even if they offered genuine connections.


The company behind the LocalMilf.com site is Plymouth Associates Ltd. and they’re not looking out for your best interest. Trust me when I say that they will most definitely not help you meet and fuck someone, especially tonight. Having used so many milf dating sites, I can only say that this one is by far the shadiest sites that I’ve used. In fact, Luckyhookup.com, FlirtBuddies.com and other that the company operates are a huge waste of time. If you’re looking for one that truly works, then I suggest you check out the Milfplay site.


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