When you see the landing page you’re going to cringe. It’s so cookie cutter with the stock photos that it’s ridiculous. I went ahead and did my due diligence on this dating site to save you time and money. Let me kick things off by telling you a little about the site in general.

This is a dating and hookup site that promises to give you a place to do a bunch of different things. They claim that you can make new friends, search profiles and videos, rate and rank other members, upload your personal videos and post public and private pictures. The front page seems like a pretty boring dating service.

The photos are unattractive, the layout looks modern and it’s not very inviting. Unfortunately, that was the extent of my “positive” experience on the site. Most of the time spent on this site was me searching for proof that it’s not a legit dating service. Check out my full review below for details on things. reviewIs Worth Joining? Find Out Now!

I’ll kick things off by sharing my experience registering for the site. Signing up for this site is fast and easy. All you have to do is indicate the sex you are looking for, the country, state, and city you want to search in, and the age range you are looking for.

You are immediately taken to a gallery of profiles that match your criteria and you can choose between messaging them and adding them to your Hotlist. You can browse, but you can’t use the site until you create an account.

To do this, you must choose a display name, indicate what you are interested in, your age, your location, e-mail address, and password. Be careful with the little extras on the site. They are just more deceptions. The Live Sex link directs you to a webcam site called and you must pay to use it. The Meet and Fuck link redirects you to, which is also a pay site.

Regardless of its unimpressive look, functionality, lack of features, and signs of a fraud, I was surprised that monthly membership was so expensive. When you attempt to message one of the ladies on the site, you are taken to the payment page.

A membership costs an outrageous $39.95 a month. The best offer saves you 30% by offering 3 months at $74.95, which equals $24.95 per month. 6 months of membership is $19.95 per month, which comes out to $119.70. I would hesitate to join this site if it was free, so I certainly would not pay such a high monthly charge for it.

Every minute you spend on the site, you are prompted to upgrade before you can interact with any other members. I absolutely hate getting bombarded with this upgrade requests. The problem is that the site never gives you an incentive to join because it shows no signs of authenticity.

I do not recommend taking a chance on this site because it will cost you a lot to find out for yourself that it’s not legit. If had access to real women, it would still be an expensive site and there are others that will provide a better experience for much less.

The fact that they create fake profiles and have menu links that connect you with other pay websites shows that this site can’t be trusted, no matter how much it costs. I know many of their profiles are fake because a lot of the pictures can be found on other sites.

If you want to check this out for yourself, the pictures can be easily identified as being fake simply by doing a reverse image search. You’ll notice that the photos are used on multiple sites. To top things off, the company behind this site actually admits to having employees who encourage member involvement by posing as real members to try to convince you to pay. This site did not prove to be effective or real.

Contact The Company

If you’re looking to contact the company for more information or you want to cancel your membership, here’s all the info that you need. The company name is OSDD Services Ltd and their support number is 1-888-929-4847. Call and get your money back because it sucks big time.

The bottom line is simple, creates their own profiles and the dating services are a total scam. I strongly suggest that you use one of the top adult dating sites if you’re looking to meet someone to hook up.


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