HornyAffairs.com Review

I have encountered so many sites that claim to help people cheat on their spouses and HornyAffairs.com is one of the many. I recognized it right away because it is a lot like the other sites it shares a network with like FlirtHookup.com and XCheaters.com. I was familiar with both of those sites because I had already determined that they were not legitimate hookup sites. I didn’t expect any more from this one, but I investigated anyway. I didn’t want to dismiss it as a bogus site without seeing proof first. I found plenty when I joined. Check out my full review below for all the details.

Why HornyAffairs is Not Recommended

The first bit of proof that this is just another fake cheating site can be found on the first page before you sign in. Below the boxes where you fill in your e-mail address and password, there is a paragraph that tells you all you need to know. They tell you that you are agreeing to receive communications from computer generated virtual profiles targeted to you and your interests. This is never a good thing. There might be a few fake profiles on a real dating site, but a real site is not going to create those fake profiles themselves. If they admit to creating them and using them to send you messages, this shows that you will never be able to trust them.

Horny Affairs WebsiteEven if more of the profiles were real, the limited features are not worth the money you pay. The search is very minimal with few options to sort the profiles. You can sort by location, age, who is online, and who has photos. There were some things that frustrated me about the site as well. When I left the site, and came back to it; I had to deal with a full-page ad for HornyAffairs. Really? I tried to click off it and FreeFuckbookDating.com popped up in another window. Why should I have to put up with such hassle to enter a site that I am a registered member of? Also, when I logged out, I was redirected to a site called Social.com. This site is just a non-stop disappointment and exists purely to make money off you.

No matter how much they charged, it would be too much and you must pay to respond to messages. The monthly charge for a premium membership is $29.95. You can bring the monthly cost down to $19.98 when you pay for 3 months. This comes out to $59.95 and saves you 30%. You can save 40% by purchasing 6 months for $99.95, which comes out to $16.66 a month. Whatever package you purchase, you are automatically charged the same amount at the end of the billing cycle. This means that, if you pay $59.95 for 3 months, you better cancel before the end of that 3 months or you will be charged another $59.95. After what I saw on this site, I won’t be spending any money on it anytime soon.

There is simply no good reason to join HornyAffairs.com and trust them to connect you with people to cheat on your spouse with. They give you almost no incentive to pay their expensive monthly charge. They have a generic search with only the most basic functioning. On top of the design and functionality problems, they admit to creating fake profiles to fool you into thinking that you are talking to real women. I found almost no authenticity on this site and I hope that you will learn how to spot a fraud so you won’t get stuck paying a monthly charge for a site that doesn’t even connect you with real people.

Instead, try this site.  You can thank me later.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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