Bro Hall of Fame

Look, we don’t like to kiss ass or anything but there are some bros that we just have to give praise. Why? Well, for the mere fact that they are able to get girls like it’s their job. There are a handful of bros out there that have the ability to score “hoes” on the regular and they do it without a care in the world. I hate to be brash but we absolutely love that type of stuff. It should come as no surprise that we’d have a shrine dedicated to the very guys that can pull tail like never before.

The people that make this page have earned the right to be listed and will list them with much pride. Consider it to be a “Bro Hall of Fame” so to speak. We give credit when it’s due and if anyone earned it, well, it’s the gentlemen show below.

Now that you know what the criteria isĀ I’m going to start things off with the legend himself, the “King of Instagram.” That’s right folks! None other than Dan Bilzerian!

dan bilzerian on a boat with girls
Credit:Instagram @danbilzerian

Okay, what can’t I say about this guy. He’s the definition of a boss at it’s best. I hate to be all over the dude’s nuts but no doubt, this guy is the definitionĀ of a bro hall of famer! He parades himself around the globe on his private jet. Dan doesn’t travel alone or lightly at all. In fact, most of the time he’s got a ton of semi-automatic weapons with him and about a dozen hot models. You’re probably thinking that in your next life you want to be this guy. Well, join the club because we all want to be Dan Bilzerian when we come back next life. He’s done some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen on the Internet and shares his entire life via Instagram. Feminists hate him, guys want to be him, and models want to bang him. He’s a star in its truest form.

I suggest you watch this YouTube video of him being interviewed on Larry King Live. It’s pretty badass!



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