Affair Alert Review: High Costs, Fake Members & More!

I’ve been known to call sites out over the years. For the most part, I have a few sites that I know I can count on in terms of hooking up. However, when I come across a site that looks enticing or that has to do with dating in general, I immediately register.

You are supposed to be able to meet people for sex affairs at Affair Alert. Since cheating has become popular among online hookup sites, there are dozens of these sites competing for your registration. There might be many to choose from, but only a handful of them will connect you with any real women. I was able to easily get register and get a login for the site in a matter of minutes. Before you do what I did, check out my dating review. Trust me, you will without a doubt be glad that you did!

affair alert login screenshotMy Affair Alert App Review

I signed up for this site to investigate whether this was one of the good sites/apps and it did not look good under further inspection. If you’re looking to have discreet encounters, then you need to look elsewhere. I’ll just come out and say that this without a doubt is a fraudulent hookup site. It’s one of many sites on a network and all of them use the same clever conning tactics to take your money. If they spent half the time they spend on fooling on hooking you up with a real person, they might be a decent site.

The Homepage

I have had a lot of experience using most web and mobile dating services. What I saw on the front page was enough to show me that I needed to keep an eye out for fraud. It’s one of quite a few fake sites that tells you that registration will only be open to men for only a few more minutes.

A timer starts ticking down from 36 minutes and 20 seconds urging you to hurry and sign up. You’ll see how cheesy this is when you hit refresh and the clock goes back to 36 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s not the only cheesy part about the main page.

Just above the button that says, “I Agree”, you see that the main rule is to be discreet about the privacy and sexual desires of other members because you may see pictures of someone you know. I have seen these exact same statements on sites that ended up being fakes. It was not looking good.

Registration Process

When you agree to their cheesy rules, you are taken to the 4-step registration process. This is where you will find solid evidence of a fraud. Above the “Proceed” button, you will notice that you are agreeing to the use and nature of Fantasy Cuties. You don’t even have to go to their terms and conditions page to see what this is.

Just hover your mouse over the term and you will see the description. It says that they are member profiles operated by independent contractors who are hired by the site. Their purpose is to enhance online companionship and encourage broader participation, but will not result in meeting anyone in person. You don’t want to spend money on a site that uses this term. I have seen this term many times and it has never been used on a legit dating site. It’s a common fraudulent dating site tactic.

High-Costs For Fantasy Cuties

Affair Alert is like a cookie-cutter template for a bogus dating site. It has the same Quickie feature that I have seen on many fake sites that are supposed to be a scientific matchmaking service but seems to be random and just another method to get you inside and charge you. The cheapest you can get away with paying is $8.90 for a 3-day trial membership.

You will receive messages from Fantasy Cuties for the entire 3 days trying to stall you until you are automatically charged the full monthly price, which is $29.95. You can save money by purchasing 2 months at $49.95 or 3 months at $69.90. These charges are recurring as well, so make sure to cancel before the next billing cycle. I assure you that, if you try despite my warnings, you will definitely be canceled quickly. Should you decide to cancel, you’ll want to visit to do so.


The bottom line is clear as crystal. If you want to have a discreet affair, then Affair Alert is NOT the dating network that you want to join. The high costs, fake users, and other shady tactics are nothing to mess with. In fact, this might be one of the absolute worst affair sites that I’ve ever come across. Do yourself a solid and steer clear of it.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you hanging just like that without an alternative. I personally suggest using a Snapchat like dating site if you want to meet someone to have an affair. Why? Well, the main reason I suggest using a Snapchat type site is due to the videos and snaps disappearing. Your best bet is to give Snapsext a try. That’ll help you have an affair or two for sure.


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