The Erotic Review – My Personal Report On TER (Read Before Using)

Sites that market “call girls” are often something to be avoided, as they not only tend to be dishonest but they sell a service that in most states is highly illegal. The Erotic Review is one of these sites, although they’d love for you to think that they provide legitimate dating services. Below, you will find a full breakdown just as to why The Erotic Review is such a poor website and one to be avoided.

Full disclosure: For those that like hiring hookers, escorts, street walkers, call girls or whatever you want to call them, I DON’T. Keep that in mind when reading this TER review. Okay, now that I got that off my chest, here’s what you need to know…

The Erotic Review Site Homepage

Here’s What The Erotic Review Offers

If you’ve never visited The Erotic Review before, it’s relatively straightforward. The site tries to be sort of an “ultimate collection” of the “best” call girls from all over the area. The site hosts a bunch of message boards that provide reviews on hireable call girls separated by state. As reviewers, I cannot stress this enough; Don’t use sites like these!

The primary purpose of these sites almost always tends to be an accumulation of funds, namely yours and others like you just looking for a reasonable service. But that’s not all I found wrong with the site. Before sharing more details, I’ll come right out and say that there’s no need to pay girls to bang if you get a Fling membership or think about joining Instabang (read about IB here).

Entire Experience IsToo Expensive

The Erotic Review tries to convince you that their services are completely free when the truth is that their site is riddled with additional fees and costs. In fact, to gain access to a majority of the site’s “VIP” features, you’ll end up having to pay $250 for the year.

What’s worse is that they try and lure unsuspecting individuals who aren’t looking to purchase a membership into “earning” one. This is done by the visitor giving pieces of personal information, and then publishing reviews for the site.

What this more or less amounts to is not only the visitor attempting to engage in illegal activity by using the site, but they’re also giving up their anonymity by trading their information for a VIP membership. You’re publicly stating that you’re actively trying to commit a crime. While this should be a no-brainer, do what’s wise and stay away from these additional offers.

A Review Section Left Blank

When I Int to check out The Erotic Reviews forum to see what others had to say, I discovered that there’s no one there. Registered users seem to be almost wholly absent, which made us immediately skeptical. The few registered profiles that I did find exposed far too much personal info for it to appear safe, which only worried us further.

Even when I tried to look at other review sections that spoke more about the site in general, I Ire shocked to discover that if you aren’t a VIP member, you can’t even access the help section reviews. No cost structures are outlined, most of the service ratings are missing, and the number attached to profiles made absolutely no practical sense.

An Encounter With The Law

Another point to drive home is that many of these sites (including The Erotic Review) may contain fake profiles being run by local and national law enforcement agencies looking to arrest individuals engaged in these sorts of activities. Staying clear of sites like these can help you avoid doing anything that would appear criminal.

So, What Do I Think?

$250 is far too much money to spend on a set of services as Iak as the ones The Erotic Review offers. Several other sites will provide you with the same sorts of services for a tenth of the price while providing much better quality. If you’d like to connect with someone else, find a dating site that links you to people that exist – that won’t just take your money and run.

Sites To Consider

Looking for dating networks to kick-start your casual sex life? Sweet! Then start with those listed on the homepage and you’ll find yourself getting laid without having them paid.

Warning: You’ll want to avoid all over escort review sites like this one as well. I’m referring to sites like the,, and Listcrawler.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.