Listcrawler Review: Another Escort Site Broken Down From Miami Bros

As you know, Barret and I are all about meeting local hotties and eventually getting them into the smush room faster than big Ronnie Ortiz-Margo from Jersey Shore. Most of the time we like to connect with girls on adult dating websites, but sometimes we venture out. We’ve been avoiding trying the site Listcrawler site for quite a while, but this past week we finally gave it a shot.

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You’ve probably never heard of, as it’s a little bit more of a niche website for the escort community to connect with clients aka Johns. It’s the same concept of the Escort Babylon site. Unfortunately, after using this site, we were confronted with one of the biggest time wasters on the web today. We’re well aware that looking for escorts isn’t the best use of our time, it isn’t a great idea for you either.

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Full disclosure: We tend to stay far away from escort sites like Listcrawler unless researching to review, and you probably should steer clear as well.

Our time spent with Listcrawler was less than favorable, and we are still pretty frustrated about the whole experience. So here’s everything you need to know about this site, including why we think it should be closed for good.

What Is Listcrawler Hiding?

Before you get into the site itself, you have to pass a verification check regarding your age. While this seems pretty straightforward, they hide an awful lot inside of their terms of service located on the same page.

If you do your homework, you’ll realize almost instantly that Listcrawler is trying to get your data for a whole array of uses. They are completely transparent about using your info in tandem with third parties, whether it is law enforcement or businesses trying to market your products.

What’s worse, they say that their services aren’t always dependable. The security of Listcrawler is perpetually in question regarding your personal information, but they refuse to accept any responsibility if it does leak. There’s no guarantee from Listcrawler that if an escort steals your data, they’ll even follow up.

Once You’re Inside

So, unfortunately, just like a majority of the escort sites we’ve experienced, the profiles are merely links to Backpage profiles, a popular paid escort site. Listcrawler seems to only offer third part profiles and doesn’t house a single one of them themselves. We tried cities like Phoenix and NYC, but even these significant locations contained nothing of any real merit.

The profiles also list “real” phone numbers. These numbers are significant to note for two reasons. Firstly, if these numbers are real, then they’re putting individuals at risk by just displaying them to the general public. Secondly, if they aren’t real, they’re most likely trying to catch your phone call and then send telemarketing services your way. Regardless of which option it is, it’s a terrible practice.

Third Party Links

As we tried to explore other areas of the site, we were continually being sent to other services we didn’t request. Most of the links contained on Listcrawler are fraudulent, asking you to enter personal info repeatedly before gaining access. This is yet another tactic used by scammers to try and get as much data from you as possible.

Health, Wellness & Well-Being

Listcrawler is terrible for another reason, and that’s the danger it exposes visitors to. If you’re one of the few who gets a successful connection through Listcrawler, there are zero verification services on hand to help you stay safe. This means you’re pretty much meeting up with a stranger, and with that comes the danger of contracting diseases or being physically harmed. We are severely against escort services for this reason, and Listcrawler is frankly one of the worst.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got chances of contracting diseases when meeting any girls on dating sites too, but I’ve got this feeling that girls escorting may increase chances even more. Why? Well, they likely have more sex. Again, an assumption but the right one, given that their job is to bang for money.

Dating Sites, A Better Alternative

If you’re looking to make a connection, dump Listcrawler and research some casual dating options. You’re not going to solve your problems with loneliness by paying for a stranger’s company and potentially getting hurt in the process. With the number of sites we’ve reviewed as well as used, we can almost 100% guarantee that you’ll have better luck and experiences leaving the escort life behind.

The End Result

We’re not fans of Listcrawler. It’s a site that likely contains listings of girls and possibly pimps who are just trying to take advantage of lonely individuals. If you’d like to help yourself find a local sex partner, forget this site and look for something a little more substantial – start with the list below.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.