3 Main Types of Girls Who Send Nude Pics on KIK

If you aren’t on top of all the recent social media trends and do not know what KIK is; it’s an app that is supposed to “connect the world through chat”. You can connect with others across the globe and communicate with emojis, GIFs, or just plain text. Bots are built into the app with things like quizzes, games, news, tips, advice, and more. It makes sense that many would start using an app like this to find sex. That’s why you might see many girls sending nude pics over KIK.

Well, there are certain types of girls that are motivated to take off their clothes and send nude and suggestive pics, and we will discuss those girls here. If you are excited to find these girls, you may not like what I found out. You are sure to determine, as I did, that these girls that are sexting are not girls that you are going to be meeting any time soon.

3 types of kik girls

How To Find the Nude KIK Girls

Don’t just assume that, just because you are seeing a girl on Kik with her clothes off, that does not mean that she is a girl that you are going to meet and bang. There are ways to use social media to find a hookup or a friend with benefits, but you are barking up the wrong tree if you are trying to get with girls that you see nude on Kik. I will explain why.

What I have to say right here may be a harsh reality for you, but it’s a reality that you need to face if you want to thrive in the world of online casual dating.

What You Should Know About KIK

Kik is a large platform and it’s difficult to go beyond being just another anonymous user. There are men all over the world, just like you, looking for a hot girl who is easy to get into bed. The app is easy to access and easy to use, so you are vulnerable to just about any scammer or shady person who is out to harm you or take your money. There simply aren’t enough security protocols in place to protect you from someone posing to be someone they are not. Of course, you could find someone to hookup with, but you could also find yourself in a dangerous or unsavory situation.

One major thing that you should watch out for is girls that are not of age. There are no age restrictions on Kik, so an app like this is not good to use if you are looking for a sexual encounter. Far too many people get in trouble, some innocent and some not, who exchange sexual photos and find out that the person is underage. It’s not worth taking a chance like this. If you do find yourself in a situation where the girl makes it obvious that she’s a bit immature, stop communicating with her and avoid drama.

It is possible to find hot girls that send nude photos on Kik, but it’s not a good idea to use the app to look for them. It’s best to find these girls that use Kik on other popular social media platforms with proper security. You can also use a legit casual dating platform or video chat site because many of the girls on those sites use the app. Just be careful about what platform you use to find these girls because there are many scams out there that are out to get your money, without offering access to real people.

The Types Of Nude Girls on KIK

Here are the kinds of girls that you are likely to find sending nude Kik photos. As you will find out, you are not going to hook up with any of these girls, and the ones that turn out to be genuine, are not very desirable.

The Slut: If you are lucky enough to find a real girl on Kik, who sends nude pics to random guys, it is highly likely that she gets around and you are just one of many that are receiving these photos. These girls will almost never meet you in person. They only slut it up online because it’s safe for them as long as they don’t meet the guys face to face.

The Loser: These are the girls who don’t have much going on in their lives, so they send nude pics on Kik because they want men to admire them and help them feel good about themselves. They don’t intend to meet you either. They just want to use you to feel desirable.

The Bot / Scammer: These girls are not real at all. If they are real, they are only trying to get money out of you or get you to visit their pay site. These girls can range from being a waste of time to being dangerous. There is just not enough protection from things like this on Kik.

Conclusion: Stay Off Of Kik!

The bottom line is; there are some decent girls that send nude pics on Kik, but it’s not safe to find them by using the app. There are not enough security protocols and the chances of you finding a sexy girl that you are attracted to, and is willing to meet you in person, are slim to none.

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Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.