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    Meet and Fuck Week in Review

    Week in Review

    So I spent this week really shedding light on all my tips and secrets to get the best experience on meet and fuck websites.  In case you missed any of those updates, today I’m going to provide a recap of my daily tips that I posted throughout the week.  If you don’t know about meet and fuck websites, well, I’ve outlined just what they are on this page.

    Week in Review

    Recap of My Tips for Using Meet and Fuck Sites

    I led off with this dandy.

    It talks about etiquette to use on these types of sites.  The main takeaways, for those of you with attention deficit disorder, are pick up the check, be ready to get down and dirty, and respect her time.  Easy enough, right?  For a more thorough explanation, visit the link above.

    Next, I spoke about where to bring the person you met online.

    Remember, this isn’t some romantic date where you need to share life long goals and dreams.  Instead, you are simply making sure neither of you are a weirdo.  Or a complete psycho.  Or both.

    Then, I outlined the types of messages to send her online.

    Yeah, I probably should have posted that one before the one about where to meet up, but let’s be honest, we all like to fast forward to the end when we know we are about to get laid.  The biggest thing to learn from this post, in case you missed it when it was originally published or are too damn lazy to go back and click the link above, is that you need to use proper grammar and don’t be a pig.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    I wrapped up the week with some talk about expectations and dealing with a hook up that is a one night stand.  At the end of the day, you don’t want to be someone who lingers around falling in love with someone who has no interest in reciprocating that relationship.  It’s quite possibly the best work I’ve put out on etiquette regarding one night stands.  Being a pro at that, you should definitely have a peek at that.

    That wraps up the week on how to use meet and fuck websites.  I find they are the most honest way to start a fling with women.  If you have any comments on the subject, I’d love to hear them.

    Until the next guide, I’m Tom Savage, the dating dude who loves sharing his war stories with the fellas.



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    When a Meet and Fuck is a One Night Stand

    One Night Stands Advice

    When you meet people on meet and fuck websites, there are probably all sorts of emotions running through your mind.

    Did we meet up for just this one encounter?

    Are we going to ever do this again?

    Is it proper to keep in touch?

    The first thing to know about meeting people online for sex only is that you need to determine boundaries in the beginning.  With a clear understanding of what each other has in mind, you’ll be able to react accordingly and not scare off your partner.

    One Night Stands Advice

    Should You Call a Girl After a One Night Stand?

    Let’s pretend that this wasn’t discussed, as I know most of you ran to your destination of your meet up faster than Usain Bolt, made some small talk, and then continued to get down and dirty.  In my early days I never took the time to really get to know what my partner wanted until I found out the serious repercussions it can cause if it’s not laid out.

    You had sex.  It was great.

    You want more of it, but you don’t know if she does.  Heck, you don’t even know if this was her sneaking away from her man or her on vacation under an assumed name, or whatever other bizarre ending you could conjure up.

    The next morning, you start thinking about how hot it all was.  Her smell, her reactions, her screams.  You liked her body, you loved how she adored yours.

    So now what?

    The time is right to put out a feeler call.  A feeler call is when you touch base to:

    1.  Make sure everything is good between the two of you.
    2.  See if there is a chance of meeting again.

    I always lead off these calls with a simple “just wanted to check in and see how you are.  I don’t want to bother you, unless you want me to bother you.  I had fun and can leave it at that, but if you want to see me again, I’m open to that.”

    That is a very non confrontational way to deal with it.  You may get a resounding “YES” to seeing you again, you may not get her to answer your call, or you may get shot down.

    Whatever the action is, remember the premise of how you met her.  This was never planned to be a romance novel or story book ending, so please don’t be a stage five clinger and hang around hoping it all goes down like a movie script.

    Chances are, you will see her again.  However, you have to go in with the mindset that you won’t.

    The best way to handle this situation is to set expectations in the beginning – prior to intercourse.  I’ve had women flat out tell me it’s a one and done deal.  If she tells you that, respect it.  When you respect it, you’ll build trust.  When you build trust, women will do anything for you – even if they tell you they have no intentions of doing so.


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    Messages to Send to Women on Meet and Fuck Sites

    Messaging Women

    So you already know the basics of meet and fuck websites, right?  This entire week I’ve been giving tips for success on these new twists on hooking up.  In fact, I just covered the basics of the preferred etiquette to use on these types of sites, so you already have that down.  But, I skipped an important part of the equation.  The part where you send messages to the woman you are trying to meet up with for a casual encounter.

    How Should You Craft Your Messages to Women from Hook Up Sites?

    Let’s start with absolute text messaging 101 for dating sites:  use solid grammar!

    Messaging Women

    When you use bad grammar, you look like you aren’t educated. I’m not saying she is looking for Albert Einstein, but let’s be real, a guy with a deep vocabulary and attention to detail is one that’s always going to be in demand.  Avoid using stuff like “u, wat, k,” and other abbreviations. It almost tells her that you are too busy for her.

    Abbreviations like the ones above are considered “Netspeak.”  Avoid it at all costs until there is a level of comfort between you two.

    Second, avoid the blatant, direct comments that could get you labeled as a deviant.  Stuff like “I’d really like to tear up that xxx,” and “Baby I can’t wait to slide up in you,” may work with certain women, but not the vast majority. Just because you met under the premise that you would meet up with the understanding that you want to hook up with one another doesn’t mean it’s 100% “on.”  She needs to meet you and find trust in you and have some sort of interest in you outside of sex.  On most occasions, this is the case.  So take it easy, no matter how hard of a raging wood you have in your pants and no matter how hot her profile pics are.

    Lastly, use a solid opening line.  Something basic, that touches on her interests, is always a great way to start the conversation.  Let’s just say that the profile says she is into “walks on the beach.”  A solid opening line would be “Loved your profile.  Would love to hear about your favorite beaches to take in and enjoy.”

    Showing her that you took the time to read her profile is a game changer.  Creating separation from other men out there is a huge advantage that will catch her eye and will show her you took the time to read her profile.  When you do this, you put yourself on another level.

    Frankly, these tips can be used on any dating site from this list, but it’s especially important to remind people that the more sexually charged sites work in ways that most people don’t think about.

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    Place to Bring a Date from a Meet and Fuck Site

    Lobby Bar

    So yesterday I spoke about the etiquette to use when you are on meet and fuck sites.  There are ways to behave, and ways to make yourself look like a complete clown.  Remember where you met, and the premise behind it.

    Today, I’ll dive into my favorite places for a quick meeting, just in case that’s in order.  Sure, there are occasions where you’ll meet someone and they will want to do the damn thing and just meet up at a house, but I don’t do that. I always assume there is some angle, and I’ll be frank – I’m terrified of being roofied.  I had a friend have that happen to him and it cost him a lot of possessions, not to mention aggravation and embarrassment.

    I’m always one to weed out the riff raff and see what’s under the hood before I commit to being in a full-fledged sexual encounter with any female.  Sure, you can get someone who can fake you out once in a while even after you feel you properly vetted the situation, but if you just spend an hour of face time, you’ll be amazed at how that can be a game changer.  Today I share a few spots I like going to prior to taking things to the next level.

    Where to Bring a Date From a Hook Up Site

    I like to keep these sorts of dates on the low down, if you know what I mean.  There is no reason to entertain a woman from a site that could have a lot of deviants to the place everyone in town hangs out.  This short list can do wonders for you if you use it right.

    Lobby Bar

    #1:  Hotel Lobby Bar

    This is awesome for so many reasons.  Pick the boutique hotel that nobody goes to.  Order drinks, sit in the lounge, and become acquainted.  For me, a hotel has options.  Not only can you walk around, enjoy what they offer, but you can also be discreet knowing that most people around your town aren’t going to be there because let’s face it, it’s for tourists and business folks.  Should things escalate and neither of your places work for an encounter, well, you can always splurge for a room!

    #2:  Off the Beaten Path Dive Bar

    I love dive bars.  My favorite dive bars are the ones I don’t frequent much.  Pop into a dive bar, or four, over time, and scout out good locations.  I find that females will act proper if they are in a proper setting, and be more prone to getting loose if they are in a more dingy setting.  Dive bars are perfect to find out if this holds true.

    #3:  Beach or Public Park

    Forget that the word public is in that sentence, and try to picture some place interesting where there are zero distractions.  This allows you to get right down to business – talking.  A beach also gives you the bonus – or favor – of allowing you to see her in scantily clad clothing before you find out the hard way that she has cellulite and acne on her butt.

    For more about these types of websites, visit this page and read all about how you can simply create a profile and being messaging women who are interested in sex.

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    Meet and Fuck Site Etiquette

    Behaving online

    There are all sorts of websites out there that you can use to get meet people for various reasons.  Today I’m going to share with you my views on how to properly behave when you meet a woman from a meet and fuck website.

    Learn more about these sites —> The Hot List.

    Etiquette Graphic

    How to Behave When Meeting Women From Hook Up Sites

    It’s a different mentality when you meet a woman on a site that you know she signed up for just to find a casual hook up.  It’s a lot different than meeting someone on say, a Christian Dating website or a Match.com type website.  These sites are intended for people who simply have the desire to get off, and they wan to find a partner who can help accomplish this need.

    #1:  Assume the Check

    I know this isn’t a formal “date,” but let’s face it, women want to be wooed, or at least faked out to the point that you are coming from a position of being somewhat of a nice guy.  Don’t meet up and have a coffee, dinner, or drinks and assume that just because there is no long term goal of marrying one another that you should simply go Dutch the entire time.  Have the decency to treat it like you are going to be a good guy, even if that isn’t going to be the case once you both do the dirty.

    #2:  Be Ready

    You joined a fling website to have a fling.  Don’t fall in love or get all sappy with a “I was hoping for a kiss goodnight” attitude because that could scare away your date.  This isn’t a time to fall in love, unless you both just naturally go that route for whatever reason.  If she met you under the premise there was going to be sex without all sorts of boundaries, than you need to be ready to take care of business once you get somewhere you can be intimate.

    #3:  Respect Her Time

    Again, you met for a reason, so keep it under those boundaries.  Don’t try to make an entire day our of something that shouldn’t be more than a few hours or a sultry evening, if you get that lucky.  She met you to do the damn thing, so keep things short and sweet.

    Those are three tips you can use to up your game a bit on these meet and hook up type sites.  You can find more tips from me every day this week as this is a series of advice you can take to the bank.


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    How to Meet People in Las Vegas

    Naked Guy Playing Guitar

    Meeting people anywhere can be somewhat of a hit or miss ordeal.  Whenever I’ve moved to a new city I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone is as trustworthy in real life as they are when they are hammering down vodka soda’s with you at the local watering hole.  Miami, and especially the more transient beach crowd, has been a nightmare as far as meeting real life people who can be trusted.  Hooking up and dating in Miami?  That’s easy!  In fact, I talked about places to bring a date on this page.

    Related Reading:  Vegas made our list of cities where finding sex is easy.

    Miami is the one place I’ve actually uprooted and flat out “moved to.”  However, a long while back, I was on a work assignment and spent considerable time in Sin City.  Yes, people outside the hospitality and gambling industry really do exist in Las Vegas, and I’m living proof.

    The Famous Vegas Sign

    Having a few local friends there really helped my nine month work transition.  I’m in my 30’s, so 9 months for me is a decent percentage of my adult life.  I count this as considerable time, especially the way I got out and party, interact with others, and really socialize.  I’m the opposite of a home body, so call me a social butterfly, if you will.  Actually, no.  Don’t call me anything to do with a butterfly because it doesn’t sound manly.

    Anyhoo, I’m in Vegas and my first few weeks are straight up work, work, and more work.  In the very little spare time I have, I try to interact with people at a few of the popular lounges in the popular casinos.  That’s a big time fail!  I don’t know what I was thinking, trying to make friends with people who are going to leave town in 24, 48, or 72 hours anyways.

    Luckily I connect with my friend Billy, who has lived in Las Vegas his entire life.  When he finally had some time for me away from his own family and life, we did some partying and met a lot of people.  Today I’m going to share with you my Las Vegas blueprint to meeting quality people.

    Some people will say Vegas is full of transients, bad apples, and low lifes.  Sure, there are PLENTY of those out in Vegas, but to say all of them are like that would be downright foul.  Steve Wynn, the Fertittas, Floyd Mayweather (love or hate him, he’s a success), and many other celebrities and entrepreneurs make Las Vegas their home.

    How to Meet Quality People in Las Vegas

    Whether you are solo or in a group, you’ll be fine meeting other people in Las Vegas.  It’s just that you need to know exactly where to go and at what times.  Remember, it’s a playground for adults, so everyone should be smiling and celebrating life!

    If you are looking for women, I’ll be honest – there is still nothing better than finding them online.  Dating sites exist for a reason, and I’ve found Vegas to be one of the most connected cities in terms of having people online and signed up for hook up sites.

    Of course, social media is a great way to meet people as well.  Use hash tags for things you like on Instagram and Twitter, and check into places on apps like Facebook and Yelp.  You’ll be amazed at what you could find out about a destination and who frequents it just by paying attention to their social accounts.  Yeah, sounds creepy, but hey, it’s like knowing the play the other team is going to use before the ball is even snapped.

    The real key to meeting people anywhere is being open to meeting people.  If you spend all your time on your phone while you are “out,” you aren’t going to be a very enticing person to strike up a conversation with.  How many times does the guy in the corner frantically texting all his friends all serious get sent a shot by some random woman?

    Instead, keep your head up, smile, and ask questions.  If you get a friendly response, a dialogue will start.  That’s just basic ways to be social, it has nothing to do with Vegas.

    Let me go into my best places to meet people in Las Vegas.  I’ve made this list segmented because let’s face it, there are people you want to meet, and people you want to befriend.

    Best Places to Meet People in Las Vegas

    • Uber.  Use the ride share option whenever possible.  This is something that is so underrated.  I’ve parlayed random rides into trips to the strip club with strangers as well as have been invited to lavish private parties.  You get all types on these rides.

    Sharing taxi cabs with people in front of hotels also works!

    • Kona Grill.  This is located in Summerlin, which is where many of the locals live.  It’s a nice area off the strip about 10-20 minutes depending on traffic.  You’ll find all types at Kona.  Everything from your Blue Collar worker to the millionaire entrepreneur.  Hookers, business women, and hair dressers.  This is as local as it gets.
    Kona Grill in Summerlin
    The Kona Grill is a favorite among Vegas residents.

    Located in the popular Boca Park plaza, you can walk to many other bars and restaurants in this area, as most the crowd does.  Try Hussongs, the Mixx, and nearby another bar and restaurant called Wahoos.

    • Downtown Summerlin. Also located in Summerlin, this is an indoor and outdoor shopping mall with a very large pedestrian area.  You can meet people with ease at places like California Pizza Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck, Dave & Busters, Andiron, Matador, and many, many more bars and dining establishments.  There is also a full mall.

    More information about restaurants, bars, and shopping:  https://www.downtownsummerlin.com/

    • Freemont Street – “Old Las Vegas”.  Years back I felt this was a run down area.  A has been.  Washed up.  Not up to my Wynn standards.  Over time, the revitalization of this area has helped my mind do a 180, and I’m not the only one.  This is my absolute favorite place to play in Sin City.  It’s a shit show of comedy all around.  Everything from street performers, to drunk tourists, to locals hanging out at the most local spots in town, this has it all.  You’ll definitely laugh and sometimes want to cry.  I make it a point to spend at least 3/4 of my day going up and down this street.  I stop at random casinos to gamble and drink in between witnessing the madness that goes down on Fremont Street.  How do you not meet people when everyone is drinking and laughing?  This is like shooting fish in a barrel, and the locals of Las Vegas all agree, or they wouldn’t have made this area such a cool place to hang out.
    Fremont Street Las Vegas
    Always a good time!

    With bars, dining, casinos, a zipline, street performers, and concerts, this is a MUST SEE, even if you aren’t interested in meeting people.

    Ps.  You can also take a photo with a million dollars at Binions!

    Check out the photos below.

    Naked Guy Playing Guitar
    This guy has been at it for years!
    Funny Homeless Guy Sign
    Is this guy crazy?
    Topless Street Performing Nuns
    There have been many attempts to ban topless street performers, but the smart ones always find a way!

    For more information, visit https://vegasexperience.com/