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    This Crazy Couple Banged In A Domino’s Pizza Shop

    Domino's Pizza Sex

    I’m all for Domino’s pizza. In fact, even though I take very good care of my body in terms of exercise and diet, I love me some Domino’s pepperoni pizza! While I spend most of my time-consuming foods that help make me stronger and leaner, I think I’d trade a meal for this any day. […]

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    32 Ways To Tell If Someone Had Sex Last Night

    messy apartment

    It’s one of those things that some people can just sniff out. I’m talking about being able to tell if someone had sex last night. If you are like millions of other singles who down a few drinks during their quest for a casual hookup, then you have probably had woke up unsure if you […]

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    How To Successfully Be A 30K Millionaire

    30k millionaire life

    I live in a place where $30k won’t buy you an average looking vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give people the perception that you’re a millionaire. If you are single and only making a modest $30,000 a year, like thousands of other men, you probably wish you could make more money so […]

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    Steve Harvey’s Relationship Tips

    Steve Harvey Relationship Tips

    Tired of failed relationships? Losing the spark? Falling out of love? Seems like you need to be guided by the so-called relationship expert, your very own, Steve Harvey! Whether you’re a man or a woman, some rules never change and are applicable to both. It’s all a matter of belief in yourself and your significant […]