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    Meet and Fuck Week in Review

    Week in Review

    So I spent this week really shedding light on all my tips and secrets to get the best experience on meet and fuck websites.  In case you missed any of those updates, today I’m going to provide a recap of my daily tips that I posted throughout the week.  If you don’t know about meet […] More

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    When a Meet and Fuck is a One Night Stand

    One Night Stands Advice

    When you meet people on meet and fuck websites, there are probably all sorts of emotions running through your mind. Did we meet up for just this one encounter? Are we going to ever do this again? Is it proper to keep in touch? The first thing to know about meeting people online for sex […] More

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    Meet and Fuck Site Etiquette

    Behaving online

    There are all sorts of websites out there that you can use to get meet people for various reasons.  Today I’m going to share with you my views on how to properly behave when you meet a woman from a meet and fuck website. Learn more about these sites —> The Hot List. How to […] More

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    How to Meet People in Las Vegas

    Naked Guy Playing Guitar

    Meeting people anywhere can be somewhat of a hit or miss ordeal.  Whenever I’ve moved to a new city I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone is as trustworthy in real life as they are when they are hammering down vodka soda’s with you at the local watering hole.  Miami, and especially the more […] More

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    Why Dating in Seattle Flat Out Sucks

    Seattle Dating Life

    I’ve never lived in Seattle!  So with that disclaimer, please read this article knowing that I did my homework and am reacting to a piece I read online here. The Seattle Area Dating Scene So, the article talks about someone who warned someone not to move to Seattle because of the awful potential for meeting […] More

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    4 Tips for Dating After Divorce

    The big divorce

    When going through a divorce, it can be nerve racking getting back into the dating scene.  You may not know where to start or what to expect as you go out and play the field.  Maybe you haven’t even used an app like Bumble, or this popular profile swiping app. Be that as it may, […] More

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